Custom Inspiration Guide

Graphic Solutions for Designers and Brand Managers

Go Bold!

Create What YOU Want!


When you think of a typical office space, what do you envision? Cubicles stretched as far as the eye can see? Lifeless offices surrounded by grey walls and drab decor?  It doesn’t have to be that way!
TGF+ is excited to announce our new line of fully customizable printed designs.

When we say custom, we mean it!

Building and creating your own truly custom design is easy with our 4 step process

Choose your base film

The best place to start with a custom design is at the beginning. Our range of printed designs let you choose whether you want a clear film base for less privacy, or a frosted for more privacy.

Choose your height

Rollstock products can be limiting but with TGF+ custom designs you can choose whatever height suits your needs. With our patterns ranging from a small 18″ band all the way to a 60″ band and any size in between, we’ve got you covered whatever the dimension.

Choose your


Spice up your design with a touch of color. Adding color brings a new element and flair to the design. You can match to your brand colors, office design elements, or just go wild with your own color preferences.

Choose to mix and match

Who doesn’t like having the best of both worlds? Want some of your offices open, but some private? We can do that! Want just your boardrooms to have color? We can do that! Mix and match colors, styles, and even substrates! It’s all in what you choose!