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Writing on the walls used to get you in trouble. Well, times have changed. Now it’s encouraged!  Writable surfaces can be used to transform the way you plan, brainstorm, teach and learn. Imagine how easy it will be to generate and record work flows, new ideas, strategies and inspirations. These writable surfaces can be easily installed in key meeting areas and other strategic locations that will capture everyone’s imagination. Available in any size,  whiteboard surfaces can even be installed on desks & table tops. Imagine how you would use it!

 3M Guarantee

You have peace of mind because 3M has decades of experience and so does TGF. 

We offer you a No Ghosting Guarantee so you don’t have to worry.



What the Difference?

Our whiteboards don’t ghost because they are made of polyester rather than vinyl. Traditional whiteboards were made of vinyl which is not an ideal material for the job. The durable polyester surface will give you years of reliable, worry free service.


Water based whiteboard markers can be easily removed and that’s peace of mind. In fact, if someone accidentally uses a permanent marker, it will usually clean off as well. Its high gloss surface makes it a breeze to use. Because it is installed on the walls, it maximizes active space of meeting rooms compared to traditional whiteboards and stand-alone whiteboard solutions. We would be happy to supply you a sample so you can see for yourself.

Collaboration, creativity or just whimsical personal expressions are just a few of the possibilities with our dry erase whiteboard. Our film is quick & easy to install so there is little to no disruption to your schedule. It is ideal for a wide variety of applications ranging from office meeting rooms, classrooms, kindergartens and beyond. I guess that means that our whiteboard film is a versatile, easy to install solution that can be used anywhere. 

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