Optically Clear Colored Window Film

Toronto Glass Film’s colored window film is the perfect choice for immediately transforming the appearance of glass.

Available in a wide range of colors, our colored window films will add color to glazing while still allowing vision both ways and not sacrificing natural light.

These films can be used to transform entire panes, but can also be computer cut to create logos, custom designs and to meet manifestation requirements. Using state of the art cutting equipment, Toronto Glass Film can provide colored creations to meet every requirement.

Our colored window films are incredibly versatile and are suitable for application in commercial and residential settings, opening up a host of creative opportunities for shop-fronts, glass partitions and other glazing.


Computer Cut Designs from Window Film

By computer cutting graphics, Toronto Glass Film is able to reproduce even the most intricate of designs for application to your windows, glass partitions and other surfaces.

The range of window films suitable for computer cutting continues to grow, making cut film an ideal choice for delivering décor, logos & branding, or for delivering attractive and functional privacy solutions.

No matter the complexity or simplicity of the design or appearance you require, we use state of the art equipment and films to ensure that you are guaranteed of the ideal solution, with our teams of professional installers ensuring you receive a perfect, hassle free installation. All that’s required of you is an idea of what you want to achieve.

For more information about how computer cut window film can help you achieve privacy, bring your branding to life or simply brighten up otherwise dull and uninspiring surfaces, contact us today.