Fade/UV Protection

Fade Protection

Ultraviolet rays, heat and excessive light can all create discomfort and damage to interior settings. TGF carries a complete line of contemporary window films that enable you to fully enjoy the pleasures of sun-soaked interiors while providing the necessary protection.

The same sunlight that pours through your windows also plays a major role in fading your furniture, artwork, drapes and even flooring.

Fortunately, our premium films block nearly 100 percent of the sun’s UV rays, allowing you to protect your valued interior while reducing glare and energy costs. Our wide variety of Sun Control products ensures that there is a color and style for every home’s unique design.

Ultraviolet (UV) light, from the sun, contributes to approximately 40% of the fading process, which can ruin furnishings long before their time.  Visible light and solar heat can each contribute approximately 25%. The remaining 10% can be attributed to miscellaneous effects such as indoor artificial lighting, humidity, heat and poor dye anchorage.

Window films installed on glass rejects 99% of solar ultraviolet light.

With window films, 80% solar heat rejection can be obtained.

No window film can eliminate fading.  It can however, offer maximum protection from fading due to solar ultraviolet light and solar heat.

The exceptional performance of our films exceeds the growing expectations of discerning consumers who are increasingly concerned about comfort, safety and security.

Our films offer exceptional solar control performance, high clarity and low reflectivity. Our premium films not only greatly reduce the total solar energy, resulting in significant reductions in utility costs, they also cut off more than 99% of ultra-violet rays which cause skin problems and fading of interiors. The non-reflective films have the added feature of low reflectivity at night so the view is not obscured. These films come in a neutral tone that matches and enhances any existing glass type, without affecting the aesthetics of the original design.