A Picture Is Worth….

Creative Director

Toronto Glass Film offers architects and designers a variety of custom graphic technologies. Any image, photograph, or otherwise that can be scanned and digitized can also be printed and installed as wall graphics, floor graphics, or as an installation to glass. Corporate identification, brand names, advertisements, or artistic designs are just a few possible applications of this exciting new technology. Etched glass effects as well as frosted glass for privacy are also produced on a custom basis. 

The only limit is your imagination

Dream It, Do It

Turn smooth indoor surfaces into works of art with a wide array of graphic films. From printable films and finishes to colored films and more, the ability to create vivid designs and make unforgettable impressions is at your fingertips. Think of your walls as a canvas, our graphic films can help make it a masterpiece.

Films can be used across a variety of applications – windows and glass, floor and wall graphics or illuminated signs – films extend brands with graphics that offer creativity, clarity, and dependable performance.

From opaque film to perforated film to transparency film and more, there are endless combinations for creating glass, window and floor graphics that will take your breath away. Let us help you find the right product that will make that next project perfect.

It’s an absolute jaw dropper