Let’s Protect Our Feathered Friends
Creative Director
We may be embarrassed to admit it, but we’ve all done it: run headlong into a window or sliding glass door that we just didn’t see. People usually escape with only a bruised ego. But when birds smack into windows, the results can be deadly. That’s why we at TGF, in conjunction with world authority Dr. Daniel Klem, developed Flight Marker; a bird impact deterrent film. This initiative hopes to reduce the amount of bird to glass collisions. 
Because knowing what an animal really sees is a crucial first step toward understanding its behavior

The Right Formula For Bird Safety

The essential characteristics of the Flight Marker initiative make glass visible to birds. Produced and installed in accordance with the Toronto Bird Friendly Guidelines. The pattern provides protection for even the smallest of migratory birds. 

In 2010, the Toronto Green Standard (TGS) came into effect for new development in Toronto.

Measures for reducing bird collisions were incorporated into the TGS, thereby defining a green building in Toronto as one that must also be bird-friendly. Flight Marker Bird Film is the best option to correspond with these standards.   


Given the hundreds of millions of birds killed every year due to collisions with glass, this initiative is essential to protecting our feathered friends. Glass collisions are a constant threat to all birds and caused by glass on all structures – from large skyscrapers to standard home windows.