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Frost for privacy? Custom Graphic for a touch of color? Why not both? We can help acheive your vision and meet your privacy goals with a double application of window film.

Top Hat

Floor to ceiling custom wall graphics for the top hat library make the space come to life. As featured in tech vibes killer spaces.

TVH - Wall Graphics

To match the meeting room names, we did custom printed graphics of city skylines. Noteably Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, and Ottawa.

TVH - Cut Graphic Wall Mural

A world map made up of tiny forklift parts. Talk about a statement piece. 

Tokyo Smoke

Branding and street appeal is important for any company. Tokyo Smoke wanted to keep their look consistent by opting for a custom printed red gradient and bold white vinyl lettering for the exterior of their coffee shop.


Abstract graphics on blank walls to brighten up common areas and bring a little color to otherwise drab walls. 


Big glass meeting room may look nice, but they don’t offer much for privacy. Casper Cloaking Film puts your mind at ease by blacking out LED screens. With the addition of a Casper Design Film you can still be stylish and private all at the same time!

Pearson International Airport

We know airports can be boring, but not when we are done with them. A beautiful printed graphic can easily brighten any space and bring it to life.

City of Toronto

Using a black and white image to showcase the history and heritage of the construction of City Hall in Toronto with a picture selected from the archives gives a subtle nostalgic feel.

Michaels & Michaels Law

A beautiful custom grey printed block design printed directly onto frost. A seamless design, and a flawless finish to compliment their modern offices.