A Picture Is Worth….

Creative Director

Toronto Glass Film offers architects and designers a variety of custom graphic technologies. Any image, photograph, or otherwise that can be scanned and digitized can also be printed and installed as wall graphics, floor graphics, or as an installation to glass. Corporate identification, brand names, advertisements, or artistic designs are just a few possible applications of this exciting new technology. Etched glass effects as well as frosted glass for privacy are also produced on a custom basis. 

The only limit is your imagination

The Perfect Union of Form and Function

When applied to a glass wall or a window, Casper blacks out screens behind it. The transparent window film blocks light waves transmitted through LCD and LED screens. This makes them look like they’re turned off. Everything else in the room looks completely normal. While privacy screens have existed for laptops and individual monitors for quite sometime, Casper brings it to the architectural scale.

The Casper product offering includes the cloaking technology and a suite of 15 optional graphic patterns specifically designed to complement the Casper Cloaking Technology. The Casper cloaking technology can be used on its own or combined with one of these patterns to compliment open concept spaces.

It’s an absolute jaw dropper