Custom Graphics

Digital Wallpaper

As an industry leader in window film and associated products, we pride ourselves in utilizing the newest and most innovative products on the market. An increasingly popular product is digital wallpaper.

This multipurpose product has a number of benefits. Digital wallpaper can be applied to a variety of surfaces, providing a quick and efficient way of giving walls, doors and other traditionally uninspiring surfaces a new dimension.

Available in several textures and finishes, our wall coverings are versatile, durable and best of all, can be removed without damage to paint or walls. All of the wall coverings are available in white and some are available in iridescent gold or silver, and black. Imagine the possibilities and effects that could be achieved!

Did we mention that it can be removed without damaging the paint or walls!!

It is no surprise that more and more customers are utilizing this innovative new twist on a traditional decorating method.


Wall & Floor Graphics

Toronto Glass Film offers architects and designers a variety of custom digital graphic technologies.

Any image, photographic or otherwise, that can be scanned and digitized can also be printed and installed as wall graphics, floor graphics or as an installation to glass.

Corporate identification, brand names, advertisements, or artistic designs are just a few possible applications of this exciting new technology. Etched glass effects, as well as frosted glass for privacy, are also produced on a custom basis.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Get in touch with us today to get started.